It was a great honour to win a gold PM Society award on 3rd February and I was humbled to receive it from multiple gold medal winner Jody Cundy, OBE.

Master of Ceremonies, Jimmy Carr, referred to me as a ‘one-man band.’ This is, of course, not the case.

A band of others

At Ten Five Ten I work flexibly (with both agencies and industry) bringing in experts with the requisite skills for particular projects. I like this collaborative approach; it makes work interesting, reduces costs and keeps the thinking fresh.

A key player in our PM Society success was the senior team at US-based Bexon Clinical. I worked closely with them to understand their target audience in order to develop a bespoke approach. Other band members included proof readers, programmers, printers and an outstanding artworker.

Fake science

MedicalPosterThe award-winning ASGO (Arctic Society for Gift Ontology) ad was an interactive, spoof clinical conference poster. The fictitious study examined the impact of good or bad gifts upon family well-being during the holiday season.

It gave me immense pleasure that the ad was judged a winner by the target audience. It’s hard to do good creative work, it’s harder still to make it engaging.

The ASGO ad generated a glut of upbeat responses. Some clinical scientists wanted to discuss our fake stats and trial design, while others suggested areas of future fake research. In addition to the positive feedback, the ASGO ad led to five new business opportunities for Bexon Clinical.

I’m very proud of what our little ‘band of others’ managed to achieve – an award-winning ad that truly captured the imagination of the target audience.

Matthew Reid, Director Ten Five Ten